Wednesday, December 16, 2009

fun things in office

as a new intern here last month i remember gawking at the cutest things i find here at my 2-month workplace. i have always wanted to snap some photos for you guys to see but was too shy and scared-y to do it. but i did today, cuz for some reason the office is so vacant today. everyone must be clearing their yearly leaves.

inflatable guitar my colleagues play with and threaten to take home

editor's bean bag for his guests to sit on. i sat on it during my interview u know =_=
theodore, alvin and simon

sunlight! :)

christmas "decor"

there is still a myriad of things i would like to take photographs of -- signed cds stuck on walls, cartons of magazines, the frequently empty water dispenser, magazine covers pasted along the walkway, a duck soft-toy, freebies scattered on tables and an elmo sitting on the top of a bookshelf but along with these things there also exist colleagues i do not know. so sorry, operation fail!
hey wait, let me zoom.
tada! elmo! :D

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