Wednesday, December 23, 2009

list of 2009

okay so i want to do this list of loves and hates so that i can laugh at it next year. :) thoughts of 2009!
favourite :) memories and achieve list:
6th february church dinner/ valentine's day/ 21st birthday/ most A's in uni life/ changing wardrobe/ skype/ catching up with gang on random weekends/ rr taking me home/ taking marley home/ family-time and makans/ sweetheart returns & 2.5 years anniversary/ to2ugh appreciation nights and christmas presentation/ shopping like mad with syg/ christmas
:( memories and FAIL list:
KLIA on 15th february & etc/ tutoring for new wardrobe/ saving money/ acquiring new skill such as painting, time-travelling, etc./ teaching marley tricks other than sitting
favourite :) things:
laptop/ ipod/ camera/ gossip girl on lrt rides/ skype movie dates/ telephone calls, letters and gifts mailed from *and to* aussie/ popad/ hairbands and rings/ photoshop/ pastel brown heels yang got 4 me
hate :( things:
hair curler *because sometimes hair becomes lion-like* @&*%#!!/ expanding jeans/ expanding tees/ credit card/ facebook at some points of '09/ polarised-popular-people/ clothes getting missing/ bad streamyx
favourites :) from hollywood:
rachel mcadams/ robert pattinson/ taylor swift/ lady gaga/ boys like girls/ harry potter and the deathly hallows/ *pending till i watch avatar and the vampire's assistant*
:( from hollywood:
mj overload/ kanye west/ tiger woods
things to achieve for 2010:
driving license/ seventeen magazine/ trust more, worry less!!!/ save $$$ upon entering working-world/ spiritual growth/ fat-loss/ learn more about world issues, economics, histories by buying NON-FICTIONAL books :(/ drink more water/ blog traffic increases
alright, im done :D!
and i tag:
  • june huey
  • jess lee
  • han jim
  • yee ming
  • nat chow
  • michelle tan
  • lisa teo
  • samuel lam
  • alvin kok

can review on dec 2010 yes? =)


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