Monday, December 28, 2009

of pink and blue

our yesterday and today :)



Kevin Wong said...

Hey babe! such a lovely post! :D lotsa awesome photos and photoshopping! :D hee so lucky to have you to post my photos xD ohyea thanks for the cotton candy heart babe.. although it was so fragile and out of shape *hee*, it was sooooo sweet..and pink! :D eh that's not all of my comments, i love the tops in all the photos.. thanks for those tees yang.. they must have cost u a bomb.. *huggies*

yifie daffodils said...

waik huney wad a long komen! such a pleasant surprise.. thanks darling :3 u r so welcome for everythg and ur the best hun^^ muz record our times tog must must! muakss! p/s: lets get a yewo cotton candy next time, i make u a star =)