Thursday, January 7, 2010

good cheer

my high spirits returned after a solid 9 month duration of solitary life in uni! my 9 month streak was dull, lunches spent in the libraries and internet restaurants as my friends sneak home to nap between the hours. i could have followed them back to their habitations to hibernate but didn't feel so comfortable doing so, so hence my solitary! :( but now my wait is (kinda) over, i feel so pleased i could hang out with the real (and not virtual) yang again :) that means movie dates in person with ear plugs and food in person. do you know how ldr is like? let me give you an example-- talking and laughing at your laptop screen while you eat! haha xD
however everyday seems to be fleeting by, i wish february would not arrive so fast, because that would mean another klia goodbye T__T but i'm crossing my fingers, hun might return at mid-year :D that's when i (kinda) graduate! splendidddd! =D

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