Friday, January 1, 2010

last night of 09

so yesterday night, yang and i cruised to three places to welcome the new year together. we avoided kl area (cannot tolerate huge crowds and traffic jams haha old already i tell you) and instead chose a pretty spot near my house to gap at the fireworks which erupted into balls of reds and greens across mid-air.
mid-air you know why didn't they fly higher >.< !!
okay photos!
youth party at jon's house. i guess this would be my last one after quitting from youth le :)
tau foo fa!
yumcha and finger food as we waited till midnight :) (p/s: i love this smile the most!)
explode explode! shimmer shimmer!


i didn't manage to get the best photos out of the fireworks because i told myself to enjoy them rather than watch them only through cam lens! haha. but yang did :) happy new year sweetie best new year eve ever ^^!

happy new year everyone :D


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