Tuesday, March 9, 2010


i rarely think a lot during the day because my mind is constantly harassed by the bugging voices of my thesis. so it occupies a whole lump of my time, and i spare the rest for my boyfriend, and tv time with my family. when i hit the bed, my mind is utterly exhausted.
but no, my brain is still active at night.
just last night i had a disturbing dream that yang was arrested by the police because he badmouthed a royalty. but weird enough he was still able to call and text me from his prison! i was crying because there were people fighting in his cell and when i woke up all groggy in the silence of the night i wondered if it was real and i found dabs of tears on my face.
the night before that i dreamt that i was out by the rivers with my friends and we were catching fish with our bare hands. the waters were so shallow that the fish couldn't get away and my, were they fat! so we caught them and laid them side by side on the bank. and then i went to work at seventeen, but the building looked way different in my dream. it was white, and huge. staff had to climb stairs and jump from stairs to stairs. and i had this awfully strict supervisor and she was american- tall and long brunette hair. i had to work till way late at night cuz she won't let me go home.

i would like a dreamless night of sleep please haha.


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