Friday, May 7, 2010

exercising my feet

For the past few days, I've walked more than I've ever walked in a long, long time.
I wonder if I'm losing pounds of fat, or im losing my mind.
So my new nemesis is the morning sun, because he mercilessly trails me around as I walk to work in the morning. By the time I'm seated, I feel toasted. I smell as if I'm toasted with a lingering burnt aroma. Nice.
Finishing work at six meant another round of joyous walking. Around this time, my nemesis would whisper to his friend mr cloud, "hey, u should shower pj now" and so mr cloud does. He's kinder, he'll just drizzle. But he stil threatens me with his gloomy face. I really feel so pitiful sometimes clutching onto my bag and the umbrella. And today I saw an injured sparrow on the side of the pavement. Wanted to cry.
Then my best friend called me, I felt so much better. He's also my boyfriend. And he's across the ocean. But most of the time he lives in my blackberry. So he's with me all the time. Haha.
Right now I'm drowning in the stink of human sweat at the gym. Waiting for my mom. So if u are free, instead of watching tv, you can pray for me, so that snatch thieves won't target me as I walk to and fro everyday. Unless you are watching glee, you can pray for me after the episode ends. Thank u.

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