Thursday, May 20, 2010

letters to juliet

so my boss gave me and my friends free tics to the premiere of Letters to Juliet yesterday and bestie, her friend wei sin and i skipped happily to the curve yesterday to watch it! and boy, *sniffs* isnt it so awesome.
if you are a romantic at heart like i am (because i grew up watching reruns of disney cartoons) then you cant say 'no' to amanda seyfried, her doe-like-eyes and this new actor i've never seen before till yesterday. the comedy is subtle, and that two make an adorable couple. in fact, the whole cast seems so lovable. italians!

daphne and i loved it. xD

yeah i know we are so hopelessly romantic. "happily ever after" is NOT unrealistic you pessimists and robbers of joy!


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