Tuesday, June 8, 2010


(i am three days late of posting this)
this is for my super-boyfriend!
for believing in me and for yr endless encouragement & yr lots of love :)
thank you for the present you sent me, though i havent received it yet im sure its awesome!
(oh wait! my brother just called me! my parcel is here!)
thanks for your letter =D
for always waiting for me to get home and skype though its way past your bedtime!
for teaching me about patience, how to handle sad times and about photoshop
sorry i still don't get photography and music though you kept giving me tips
u r the rocks! (i love it when we make fun of grammar syg!) xD

happy 3 years and im glad u like my painted card :3 i shall paint for you all the time now hehehehe xD

love, me *(p/s: u are best-er than edward cullen)


Kevin Wong said...

Waaaa *leburz* HEEE
This is so sweet dear =')
Love you so muchh~!

yifie daf said...

love u so much too hunbun!!!^^