Sunday, July 18, 2010


so a bunch of my friends and i practically ran to the cinema to catch eclipse yesterday, there were (i think) 12 of us (instead of just me and hannah as originally planned) and we were late. and we went in on the wrong side of the cinema when the movie has already started! my eyes were already glued on the screen as we all stumbled to our seats haha im missing scenes!! rachel and i shared this delicious packet of popcorn- i dont know if we were both hungry but we agreed that it was kind of really good popcorn. the movie was my kind of movie so i thought it was -ery nice :D im not on either team edward or jacob, but i agree that bella should have chosen edward, cuz, the way he adores her tops jacob's. haha. anyway, i got my brogue shoes yay.
dorothy perkins bag/ topshop's kamille light grey brogue shoes


Anonymous said...

ooi moi! ur brogues look like mine just the color is different!

yifie daffodils said...

hahaha! u know what- i thought of you when i was carrying it home hahaha