Thursday, August 5, 2010

armour for bloo my laptop

there is this hype boiling on my facebook homepage.

am talking about the PIKOM PC FAIR - happening on the 6th- 8th aug 2010 at the kl convention centre. i foresee crowds and dslrs. and happy faces gleefully carrying new gadgets home hahaha! it's like a festival on its own, really.

i myself adore all tech things but am a bit slow at a lot of tech things too sigh. there was once my laptop refused to connect to the internet and i asked my boyfriend if it was because i played sims 3 for too many hours. he kinda laughed in my face and fixed the problem within 5 clicks on the mouse. not funny.

so anyway, i was thinking of getting myself something to protect my laptop from virus and all evil things. my pal came across this & gave me a head's up and it looks appealing so what do you think.

  • Avira is giving out FREE GSC movie tickets for anyone who purchase
    3PCs or 5PCs Avira AntiVir.

  • Avira releases its products for 5PCs.

Reliable sources has it that Avira will give out MSI notebooks to spotted/random customers wearing RED on that day. omg really? hahaha i'll take that k thanks bye avira. =)))


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