Friday, August 27, 2010

at work

for friends out there who wonder what im doing at work, here's what it is!

so this was an event handled just two days ago, sorry i think i better not type out the name of the event cuz my clients are gonna be (frantically) typing it on search engines to check for coverage, i dont want them ending up here eeeekkkk. just ask me when you see me or something. if you need models like these i can pass you contacts.

im kinda paranoid about even being friends on facebook with my colleagues! so anyway, of course these pics were taken by the event's photographer, who turned out to be my good friend's boyfriend, check out his website here - i've never met a young lad as ambitious as he is- he plans to be the first malaysian to climb the tallest mountain in each continent (altogether 7). he is 19!

toodles everyone, TGIF! :D



Paul Koh said...

helloo! :) mm. i see my pictures! haha!

yifie daffodils said...

haha! xD