Sunday, August 1, 2010

my girls!

i had a blast with my gal pals last night! =D these girls are my closest friends (of course some are not here tho) - i knew them since i was twelve! in school we used to have toilet trips (hahaha), we would sit around tables (in circles) and chatter about anything, everything, sometimes nothing! and now looky- we r all grown up, some working and some graduating, some wanting a Masters degree, now instead of boys we talk about our boyfriends and stupid exes, instead of cds we want to buy smartphones and instead of homework we talk about paychecks :) oh such fun :))


Kalai said...

Thanks Eefi!! had an awesome time with u gals. love u all lots n c u soon!!

yvonne said...

haha love u lots too darling!