Friday, August 20, 2010

Glee Season 1 Episode 6

Ah... Glee.

i don't know if there is something off with me, but i smile at the tv when im watching glee. i smile at the ipod, at the youtubes! especially at scenes where they are performing, or scenes involving sue sylvester and will schuester. i think glee is just too clever! and kurt, he's the best during performances. there's just something about his facial expression that gets me chuckling everytime. whats wrong with you kurt!!! xD
in this episode, the boys and girls compete against each other with a mash-up of their own choice. i love both the performances but i couldnt find the girls' one in youtube :( just watch this!
yes they DO look extra hyper cuz they took drugs. cuz the 'school nurse' gave them some. hahaha.

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