Tuesday, August 3, 2010

hair trend- two tone locks

okay so i've noticed this trend now- the two tone color trend. i have yet decided if it's trendy or tragic, but i know i will not be jumping on the bandwagon anytime soon! it's like being in doubt which hair color to go for, hence going for both! haha.
anyway to begin with, i dont really like highlights even!

okay, just ignore gaga's version.
definitely tragic if u try this. xD


hannahy said...

ooh i think a contrasting 2 tone looks pretty cool! few years ago i saw this family in kl all girls had long hair upper half brown lower half blonde! from mom to the littlest girl! haha

esercizidistile said...

I think that it could be nice! I like Jessica Biel! :)

yifie said...

hey hannah! haha really the whole family having two tones? whoa! pretty cool!
hey esercizidistile! i like lauren conrad's :)