Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i had a good laugh when i saw my church's youthpage sometime ago, it was a subsection of the church's blog and there was a video of the youths doing things together, activities and so on. the funny thing is, there were my photos there in the video and they were obviously blindly taken from my facebook page. there was this (self-potrait) photo of me and my best friend and of course she does not go to my church at all! and there were also some photos (of other youths) in the video which were snapped by me. since it's for church i dont mind but why is my best friend there? o_o

i mean, im not sure about you but im not a fan of photo-stealers- and im too lazy to label each photo with a "prettydaffodils.blogspot.com" label. im also not a fan of people who re-post my photos (of scenaries, or peolple) in facebook and not citing who they took it from- and getting comments like "hey what a nice photo", when it's not even their work. my boyfriend did some IT magic so im hoping there will be no more stealing okay!
if you want to take somebody's photo, at least cite lah. it's no fun to haul your cam, take photos, photoshop them one by one and end up seeing someone else post it as theirs.



Anonymous said...

use a script to tag the images, kevin can do that for you. :D

yifie daffodils said...

oh? ok i tell him hahaz tq!