Friday, October 1, 2010

black for the phone

one of my favourite things to do is dressing up, and dressing others up- so it's no surprise that my blackberry is one of my favourite things cuz besides being all cool and easy to use, i can buy tons of adorable cases for it. of late friends asked me, why the bb instead of the iphone? well actually i dont have an answer for that- i love them both- what more, the iphone has even prettier cases with the likes of roxy and paul frank?! == so i guess, i picked the bb cuz i text a lot (plus-the batt lasts much longer) , and although i loved my boyfriend's ipodtouch, the text bar could sometimes freak me out.
nonetheless, iphone's way of scrolling/"stretch and pinch" features and drool-worthy apps win the bb hands down.
also i guess i picked the bb cuz fashion industry ppl use the bb. :P whatever man!
get cases like mine for a reasonable price and fast delivery (i jz waited two days fr mine) at . yes you can trust him- my cases come on time, wrapped in four or five bubble wraps. haha. TGIF!