Wednesday, November 3, 2010

short update

dear friends, the malaysian international fashion week is here again! i am having a great time being one of their photogrphrs- it's definitely a good experience and a fun one too, to be back at the fashion scene i miss so much since i left the publication line. when i was at seventeen magazine, i ate and breathed clothes and shoes and bags with the writers and graphic designers there, and now in p.r. the situation is slightly different though i am still somehow dealing with my client who's a fashion company. it's really too bad i am not allowed to show you the photos i've taken at mifa yesterday night as the photos are for sale and are owned by mifa (and by kezerk imaging, i think). so im hoping to at least post ONE up here to show you guys how it's like.

thanks for still coming by though there are no new updates! here's one of the mifa shots taken in 09.

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