Wednesday, December 22, 2010


sometimes i make myself lug the camera around for prettydaffodils. then i post the photos here, and delete them for good. but i try to remind myself, however weird looking i may be in those photos, someday those shots will let me travel back to 2010, or bring me back to certain places. i'm so glad i have photos of my grandma all over in different files on my laptop. though looking at them may seem like a stab in my chest now, but some day when my memory of her becomes faint, i can remember all the times we've had and replay them in my head again :)
so here i am, at 22.



Agora tô pronta said...

Love the blog! Very good ♥ Following each other? What do you think? Kisses, ♥ Van

yifie daffodils said...

thanks van :)!