Sunday, December 12, 2010

crocodile ring

my new ring! i thought it was adorable, and a little different from my usual silver rings***


Shilpi said...

gorgeous ring! Really love the details, where is it from?


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yifie daffodils said...

thanks dear! its from Aldo :)

fashionablepris said...

Love your ring!!!

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Purplement said...

The ring is super-pretty and yummy!!..the details are quite eye-catching:).

yifie daffodils said...

thanks dears :)

Patroushka's place said...

how cute :)
aah givme this ;p i want the same xd
where did you buy it ??

yifie daffodils said...

from aldo, in malaysia! :)

Spence. said...

Incredible ring! That little crocodile is just too cute ;)

yifie daffodils said...

thank u spence!