Friday, February 4, 2011

colourful leggings

here's me with my maddening billabong leggings which i first saw it when my friend joy and i went to borrow clothes for a seventeen magazine photoshoot. then it was pretty costly and left with the biggest size, so much later i got it on a discount and my size!

anyway, a happy chinese new year!



ADA said...

i love the pictures you take!
and those leggings are so fun and sprinnggggggish.
ughh i can't wait to bust out my spring/summer wardrobe again :(

awesome blog:)

Anonymous said...

you have improve tremendously in your photography skill. it gets better and better to look at. keep it up yvo! :)

yifie d. said...

hey Ada and June! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment for me, and such praises too! Thank you so much.

Miasuraya said...

happy chinese new year Yvonne :)

yifie d. said...

thanks amira! =D