Monday, February 28, 2011

Plus One

I think, it's my birthday today :D
Now there was once i read a short story from the chicken soup series, and the concept of birthdays stuck deep rooted in my head.
On our birthdays more often or not it feels just like another day, and when people ask, "how old are you?" you fumble a little and adjust to a new number.
On days I miss my grandma calling me to ask about my day, those days I am 20. When I see teenagers in school uniforms I turn 15. On days I want to skip meals and jump straight to desserts, that's when I am 10. Sometimes I watch something sad on the tv or the internet, I weep like I am 2.
In short, the concept is, every number in your life counts because every number is inside you, we all feel like 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 some time or another.

A birthday is a celebration, and another number to add new memories with! So i guess what we can do is, to live in the moment, in the present with no regrets, if you want to do something a lil crazy- why not? In the future when you are old and tired, at least you can recall your days of youth with pride and fondness.
Oh by the way check out the bomber jacket kevin sent me for valentines (photo above!) and also the snake ring below :D
So for my birthday this year my girls and i went to a karaoke, where we practically shouted at every song cuz we were like, that passionate and mad. except Wai Fon though, she sings like Shakira no kidding. So for the fun of it, here's a short video of them singing. And there's me and Rihanna.

lo and behold.

And tonight i'll have a nice dinner with my family! :)


Le blog mode Miss Zaza said...

oooh i love the ring, beautifull !

Alecto said...

aw, what a perfect birthday :-)

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love these photos :)
nice blog :)
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thanks everyone =D