Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 Hair Scrapbook

Last year i did a few posts on hair, mainly the ombre and the braid trend towards the end of 2010. To kick-start a fresh season, I suggest we all head to the nearby saloon for a different look- here are some popular cuts this spring.

  • Bleached and Pixie

This is a guarantee eye-catcher, suited best for those of us blessed with sharp features and a naturally slim physique. To channel a Kate Lanphear, pile on ONLY basics (blacks, greys, whites) and chunky accesories with as many studded pieces as you can. If you more of an Agyness Deyn then go to the other extreme, wear nothing but colours- very well-suited for the season in line with the "color-blocking" fad.

  • Shoulder Bob

The problem with this cut is that your hair would probably look like a mess every morning (unless it is permanently straightened); or it's very unlikely you can end up looking like Jennifer Aniston. So my solution for you is, go straighten your tresses! Subtle highlights would work well too.

You can score perfect marks with officewear or even a sloppy dress with this look.

  • Wispy and Long

  • Not too long ago I thought thick shiny hair was desirable. As you might have noticed, the looks dominating runways this season feature models with hair like they haven't been combing (or even, showering) for days. Well I must admit, this type of hairstyle does looks great in photos!

    Well what do you think?



    crystal glamour said...

    wow love the bleached and pixie look!

    Miri said...

    Love the wispy and long look, Clemence Poesy is sooo beautiful!

    Follo me if you like:

    CottonCandy said...

    I love Mary-Kate Olsen **

    S said...

    The pixie haircut is so cute, but still cool!

    yifie d. said...

    thanks for sharing your thoughts with me =D nobody likes the shoulder bob? haha

    ChiccaStyle said...

    Amazing post, love it!!!

    Vera said...

    love all these looks xxx

    little moon lover said...

    I love agyness deyn.. I don't think I'll ever get over her short hair.. she's one of the reasons I decided to cut mine as well.. and kate lanphear well.. she's just badass, she rocks..
    cool post.. take care