Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Photos



THE said...

I love passion fruit, and when I have a drink, I love a sigarett too, however, those two after each other are too disturbing :)

Great pics though

xo thefashionguitar

Syrious said...

the revlon lipstick is a very cute color!!
hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same!


Fash Boulevard said...

these pictures are amazing. super glad I found your blog. I'm totally following now, I hope you will to. Check out my new site for all things celebrity fashion from an LA stylist. Oh and don't forget to check out Lauren Conrad's unaired promo to the show MTV decided not to pick up. Exclusively at...


yifie said...

thanks everyone :) your comments r so lovely

Lika♥ said...

♥cute blog