Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Once and a while someone will ask me what it’s like living life as a “cool kid”. They imagine I’m popping bottles with models, constantly clubbing, doing drugs, making thousands of dollars a day and rocking designer clothes. Far from it. I spend most nights watching cartoons or scrolling through tumblr until 4am. Other than the occasional drink, I really don’t have alcohol and have never tried drugs. I’ve tried going to clubs maybe three times in the last year and awkwardly stood in the corner each time. I work as hard as I possibly can for every and any dollar that I can make. The most expensive clothing item in my closet is worth less than one hundred dollars. Other than my few close friends, I have trouble being social and meeting new people. I didn’t drop out of high school to hang around and party, I dropped out because of pretty intense bullying.
I look at the fashion industry the same way as I looked at high school: trying to fit in. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do and feel so grateful to have had some of the success I’ve been lucky enough to achieve so far… but I constantly feel like an outsider trying to be accepted. The cafeteria at lunch and a fashion cocktail party really aren’t that different. I absolutely love taking pictures and trying to make new friends, but it blows my mind how unpleasant and fake people can be. I really don’t want to sound bitter though. Like I mentioned, I really love what I do. I feel blessed to be where I am and given the opportunities I’ve had so far. It simply hit me that I only showcase the exciting or positive things in my life and I wanted to take a moment to share the fact that I’m really by no means a “cool kid”. Also, please note that there are probably tons of grammatical errors, spelling errors and quite a bit of repetition in this post. I’m just too lazy to proof read this right now.

-David Urbanke

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