Monday, December 21, 2009

lunch loves

this is sayang & his twin brother,
they still like to dress alike =,D
kevin and bevin ^^!!! hehehe!

thanks darling for the special sayang-cooked lunch today! it was so so good :) love you lots!


Kevin Wong said...

Aww.. nice photos xD ahaha I love you too babe!

Kevin Wong said...

Oh btw, next time your turn!! :3

~YM~ said...

aiyo.. back to blogspot again... u shift house again.. :P

I really duno when Nuffnang will post ads lor.. depends on your traffic and luck lor. Cos they do it manually and go thru each blog to see what ads suit what blog (thats what they told us last time la). If your traffic is higher, they'll pay more attention and give priority kua. I got so many blogs, some as soon as 1 week, some 2 weeks, some few months later. haha...

yifie daffodils said...

yang: hahaha dear hw about us BOTH and our twins?? *evil laf!*

ym: yes yes pindah rumah AGAIN haha, the wordpress cant "nuffnang" la =/u got so many blogs? @@ why u need so many for haha. okla hopefuly luck is on my side ;)

~YM~ said...

memang pun. That's why I still stay with blogspot. If u pay USD10 can even make the blogspot become dot com with blogger's offer. Lol!

got many blogs for..many reasons lor... also got more nuffnang monies... n_n otherwise, personal blogs like mine which is not famous will only cash out by the time my children graduate.:P

yifie daffodils said...

hahahah yesyes i saw the usd10 thing for .com haha!!! but sinc im nt earning nythg frm this pg yet so nvm ler =<
wad r yr links? i click la everyday den u cn earn b4 yr kids graduate haha