Monday, December 21, 2009

sunday's sunset

sunday was so pretty. it was christmas celebration at klbcc and it was performances galore and i love performances galores! :) best thing was the youths did their fair share of awesomeness too and overcame almost all obstacles of the drama-play. *clap clap clap* uploading their photos on facebook now, just want to share verrry pretty sunset photos here. no photoshop needed, cuz they are pretty enough on their own. :D
it's been 83764902 years since i saw a rainbow xD

i snapped this with my hand (& cam) out of the car window. dad said "careful ah!" 57635 times.

taking sky photos outside maluri's jj is the best. no pesky buildings!!!

sunset. immortalised.
and so nevermind being broke to pay my cam. *beam!*


Jim said...

lol rainbows' everywhere!

yifie daffodils said...

i dun see them =/