Friday, December 18, 2009

Starbucks Christmas Party

so we went to the starbucks christmas celebration yesterday!
photos/ storytelling at the same time!!!
we arrived at starbucks (leisure mall) ard 7.30 pm and lazed around till they started. we were divided into groups of purple, pink, blue and yellow. bro, yang and i were in team BLUE.

mum, dad and aunty ting leng went to team pink

angels descended to assist us with coffee-tasting xD christmas blend and fruitcake.

aunty n mum

the children sang carols, so hip-hop rock srsly!

and here we are

we played passing the parcel, and this boy had to moonwalk as "punishment". we "like"!

the green lights kept blinking ok, i had to snap a few shots to get this :)

starbucks pastries for us :)

hey sayang! :D *look at his santa hat so unbelievably straight* O_O

oh and we had Toffenut Frap drinking competition, and i lost. sorry team blue :(

after losing, i was so sad *no la, a bit only* xD

so i gave my drink to yang who seemed very glad hehe *wa i can rhyme yo*

why kids nowadays so hip hop-ish!!!

colouring competition champ *go colours!!!*
and team blue WON WAHAHA so happy!!! i was so near the hamper cuz *COUGH* i was
team leader :)))
moment of glory :)

to my outmost amazement, i was "crowned" best dressed of d night along with Nima frm Iran *wahahaha*
see my humogous crown- weird happy smile- magic wand- presents!!!
december babies had a moment of glory too

bro n aunty included!

here's us two, nametag wrongly spelt *kelvin and evonne* =_=

and that's a wrap!
thank you starbucks for all the fun and goodies!

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