Saturday, December 19, 2009

we went wading

so it was Friday and we went swimming! the weather was baking hot one moment and drizzling-raining-thunder sounds another. but we swam anyway :) we went up the slide a thousand times, screamed a million times and laughed a gazilion. here are some not-so-embarrasing-gila-faced photos. the embarassing-gila-faced shall be kept and never revealed hoho.

kelab taman perdana diraja

it was so sunny to a point where the photos came out extra white!


some food before our dip at the pool




nyum nyum

ikan bakar

yeshh finally in the waters :DDD

i can't float let alone swim. so, use sayang's strong shoulders and paddle! wee!
after 2 hrs plus, we were exhausted :) happy!

looking forward to tomorrow's christmas celebration!

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