Monday, January 11, 2010

in between

enter the second week of uni and i already feel the strain of 'school' life. the urgency of getting to class early for seats, loads of reading materials to chew and group assignments. i seriously dislike working in groups because its such a hassle having to meet up to discuss on trivial matters that can be done by ourselves. =/ and the worst thing is when your members are so 'efficient' with their work, or with making an appointment with you.
i wonder if the working world would be better or worse than group assignments ha ha.
speaking of which, geraldine said i was 'kiasu' for contacting my (may-june) internship company so early. xD but that's what i did for my earlier internships what! :P i feel secured after knowing that i'm hired okay.
i have an interview this friday *beam*!
if i'm hired, i will reveal what magazine it is. :)


Kevin Wong said...

i know what mag xD can i spill the beans? let the meowmeow out of the bag?

yifie daffodils said...

hahahhaa cannot yang cuz paiseh if tak dapat =<