Saturday, January 9, 2010

saturday mornings

so i wrote an annoyed post on the unfortunate string of events that happened yesterday but then deleted it. =/
on a happier note, i'm reading 'tuesdays with morrie', a christmas gift from my aunt! :) i remember some years ago my best friend wan teng (and my other bff is hui shing but i like refering them both as my best friend anyway) received this book from a loyal admirer from our tuition centre. he proceeded in giving her loads of other stuff but i guess there were no sparks on her behalf so she gently gave hints that they should remain friends. at a last attempt to salvage their chance for romance the young fellow even met up with me to enquire on how to get her to like him aww :)
so back to me, i've been reading about three pages of that lovely book. these three pages have already captured my attention- the choice of words.. stunning and so real. :D
remember 'eat, pray, love'? they are turning it into a movie!

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