Friday, January 15, 2010


the book smells the way i love how books smell, like fresh pages just printed and bound together.
"smell!" i demanded, grinning like i found 50 bucks on the floor.
yang smiled and rolled his eyes, flipping through the book quickly and pretending to take whiffs. i knew he was kidding, those beams he let out were too obvious. and then he smelled the pages for real, and wouldn't let go of my precious book until i pulled it away.
yesterday yang drove me for the interview i was anticipating for a very long time. the place looked polished as i expected it to be, with white walls decorated with magazine covers. i saw girls in their late twenties with squared blazers and skinny jeans. and black nail polish. i was given a blank a4 paper to write about anything at all during the interview. i wonder how it went.

back to my newfound gem, i can't stop reading and picking favourite (or weird) paragraphs for yang to read, though he doesn't like reading very much. :D but i know although he fell asleep when reading my 'tuesdays with morrie', he (kinda) secretly likes my books too. :))


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