Sunday, January 17, 2010

ribena gummies

just back from meatworks, fat lamb burgers and the sun shining till my eyes stayed shut.
in the morning i spent some time with little dorothy again, and she never fails to amaze me with her sudden outbursts of new acquired vocabulary. today i asked her what types of sweets she would like from the grocery store i take her to every sunday, and she promptly said in her soft princess-y voice "sour". later when bigger kids teased and asked her for her ribena gummies, i whispered to her "hide them in your pocket so they cannot see it ok" and she did. then after more harrassment she yelled angrily "CANNOT SEE!" and 9 year old kathryn and 10 year old matthew got a shock but they laughed anyway :)! brilliant isn't she. she's only two.
time for my lazy nap. :)!


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