Tuesday, February 9, 2010


yesterday night i dreamt that
-i saw a bunch of sab schoolmates having food on a round table and they were jovial and chatty. i joined them and realised that all my school life i have seen them around but just remained acquaintances and not friends. but in my dream we were talking as though we were pals.
-yang and i were at some coffee shop playing sims 3 on his ipodtouch (hahahaha too much sims in real life!)
-somebody gave me a fat angpow. (must be because of lisa's angpow story)
-etc dreams lolo!
i wana post a photo of my ripcurl bag here cuz yang bought it for me at mooks haha i felt so grown up because when i picked it and he just paid for it *beams.



Anonymous said...

helo, grown up shud b u pick it up WITHOUT looking at the price tag n hand ur card to the sales person: charge it! =.= PS. u really wan my angpow huh? hohoho... =D

Anonymous said...
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yifie daffodils said...

yes i want everyone's angpows muahahha