Sunday, February 7, 2010

under the sea

to make up for the coming valentines (cny bluek!) and birthdays apart, yang and i decided to do something special together in advance! and so yesterday we went to see marine creatures at aquaria, klcc :D!!! there are a gazilion photos and here are some of my favourites ^^

piranhas omg. reminds me of tarzan lolo xD

uber weird fat-inflated-frog-toad!

spinning fishes gave me goosebumps

adorable turtle yang befriended. it kept looking at us!

omg shark *runs!*

can makan ah this one? haha

happy valentines and birthday sweetheart :)) *so melanchony Two Is Better Than One is playing on channel [v]* :3

favourite part of aquaria- swimming creatures above our heads =)

yang the natural charmer

journey ends =]

and then we left klcc to go to pavilion crazy shopping!

dinner at pepper lunch. end. =D

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