Thursday, October 14, 2010

french streetstyle

the gorgeous photos below are all taken by courtney d'alesio, an elle magazine photographer. all featuring very savvy trends i can't wait to try out. i dont know about you but these photos make me wanna search through my wardrobe and play dress-up. like carrie bradshaw once said, "i like to see where my money's at- hanging on my wardrobe".

crisp white shirt with harem pants and biker boots. accesorized with a balenciaga bag and silver belt.

the hair and the scarf- so effortless

alright i have a sequin top from cotton on i have yet to wear.

those wedges! i use to label mum's skirts as "old-fashioned" but i guess i was wrong!
vintage is the new black huh?

i love how women wear blazers all the time in the west. we don't really do that here in kuala lumpur.

hope you enjoyed this post as much as i did posting it. tada!


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